Philas Executive

  • President: Lionel Savins
  • Vice-President (Country): David Collyer
  • Hon. Secretary: Barbara Hancock
  • Hon. Treasurer: John Batson (interim)
  • Assistant Treasurer: John Batson

Philas House Committee

  • Chairperson (and Philas Vice-President): Bill Mair (Eastwood-Epping Philatelic Society)
  • Committee Secretary: Dee Collins
  • Committee: John Batson (Parramatta Philatelic Society),
    Mary Bowden (Campbelltown District Philatelic Society),
    A W (Tony) Chamberlain (Royal Sydney Philatelic Club),
    Dee Collins (Smithfield Stamp Club),
    Ted Henebery (Sydney Anglican Stamp Society),
    T Wilson Ilberry (Cinderella Stamp Club of Australia),
    Peter Myers (Gosford Philatelic Club),
    Jeff Newman (Turramurra Stamp Club),
    Alan Wright (Philatelic Society of Australia)

Philatelic Development Council

  • Chairperson (and Philas Vice-President): Ed Wolf
  • Deputy Chair: Lionel Savins
  • Council Secretary: Linda Lee
  • Philatelic Development Officer, City: David Collyer
  • Philatelic Development Officer, Country: John Moore
  • Public Relations Officer: John Sadler
  • Youth Development Officer: Yung Benson
  • Committee Members: Geoff Lewis, Michael Newman

The Philas Library Inc.

  • (to be updated)
  • Chairperson (and Philas Vice-President): Dr Geoff Kellow - ABC Radio (2BL 702) Interview
  • Library Secretary: Andrew Brockett
  • Treasurer: John Batson (interim)
  • Public Officer: Lionel Savins
  • Librarian: Graeme Morriss
  • Research & Publications Officer: David Collyer
  • Non-Executive Committee: Peter Haynes, Ron Stewart & Stacey Parker
  • Archivist: Richard Abbott