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Philas Honours List

There are currently three levels of Award, these being

Philas Medal
The Philas Medal, for meritorious service to philately within NSW This award consists of a silver medallion bearing on the obverse the Association’s adopted design, with the recipient’s name and the year of the Award on the reverse.
1975 Col F V Thompson 1996 Mr C McColough
1976 Mr E J Garrard 1997 Mr T W Ilbery
1977 Mr N J Sheppard,Mr W C Hansen 1998 Mrs B Hancock
1978 Mr C Ashworth-Spreat, Mrs A D Garrard 1999
1979 2000 Mr W H (Bill) Driver
1980 Mr J Leek, Mrs P M C Rock 2001 Mr A McRae
1981 Mrs N Wilson 2002 Mr W Mair, Mr J C (Col) Ryan
1982 Mr R Stern 2003 -
1983 2004 Mr L Savins
1984 Mr D Cox, Mr N C Hopson 2005
1985 Mr R A Browne 2006 Mrs M Simkus, Mr K Simkus
1986 Mr D Benson 2007 Mr J Batson
1987 Mr D Collyer, Mrs V Ross 2008 Mr P Storm
1988 Mr S Griffith 2009 Mr E Wolf
1989 Mr H Fletcher, Mr R C Peck 2010  
1990 Mr K Emery 2011 Mr Peter Brigden
1991 Mr K Collyer, Mr A Marks 2012 -
1992 Mr J White 2013 -
1993 Mr J Fordham    
1994 Mr B Doherty    
1995 Mr A Pailthorpe    
The Philas Certificate of Merit
The Philas Certificate of Merit, for meritorious service to philately at State Level
1980 Mrs N Wilson, Mr R C Peck 2000 -
1981 Mr N C Hopson 2001 Mr P Storm, Mr P Brigden, Mrs M & Mr R Chalmers,Mr S Morris, Mrs W & Mr P Morehouse, Miss M McNeill, Mrs K & Mr K Dwyer
1982 Mr J Lean 2002 Mr E Wolf
1983 Mr J C (Col) Ryan, Mr K Emery 2003 -
1984  Mr W Banks, Mr D Collyer 2004  -
1985 2005 Mr J Newman, Mr R Flowers, Mr R Stewart
1986 2006 Mr D Rutherford, Mr G Shearer, Mr D Catterall
1987 Mr B Williams, Mr R Kennedy, Mrs C Georgopoulos 2007 Mr P Storm, Mr S Davidson
1988  2008  Mrs J Leigh, Mrs E (Liz) Nakhla
1989 Mrs B Hancock, Mrs H Ellis 2009  Mr R Hardy, Mr C Clymo
1990 Mr E James 2010  
1991 - 2011 Mr Geoffery Lewis
1992 Mrs M Dodd, Mr C McColough 2012 Ms Ann Garrick
1993 - 2013  
1994 Mr A Pailthorpe    
1995  -    
1996 Mr L Hodson, Mr W Driver    
1997 -    
1998 Mrs M & Mr K Simkus    
1999 -    
The Stan Griffith Award
The Stan Griffith Award Certificate of Merit for meritorious service to philately at Club Level
2004 Mr N Dallinger, Mr B Roberts 2010  
2005 Mr J Cunningham 2011 Mr Michael Newman
2006 Mrs H Dunn, Mr R Osborne 2012 -
2007 Mr G Morrison, Mr G Scott 2013 Mr Ted Sherwood and Mr Robert Cox
2008 Mr A (Fred) Grech, Mr M Nicolson    
2009 Mr H Ferguson, Mr P Aitken    

By-Laws Covering Awards for Meritorious Service to Philately within New South Wales