Australian Benham Silk Collection 1981 - 1988 - Private Collection

Benham is the leading publisher of high quality first day covers having been in operation for over 30 years. Their philosophy is simple - to produce the most beautiful covers in the world, which are a joy to collect and hopefully increase in value as time goes by. When they design their own covers, they go to enormous lengths to create ones which collectors will be proud to own and display. When finished, each one presents a total picture linking the stamps, postmarks and cover designs to create a miniature work of art. The Australian covers collection stopped in 1988 when a change to the production of the covers saw the cost of the individual covers became prohibitive.

Australia Benham Silk Collection 1981 - 1988
Australia Benham Silk Covers 1981 - 1983
Australia Benham Silk Covers 1984 - 1985
Australia Benham Silk Covers 1986
Australia Benham Silk Covers 1987
Australia Benham Silk Covers 1987 - 1989

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