HD Bruce Collection of NSW Postmarks

The Bruce Collection of New South Wales postal markings was formed by Dr H B (Barnett) Bruce in the 1930s and is arranged in 19 volumes by the inspectorial districts of the time. The collection was borrowed by the Australia Post Office for display at ANPEX 59 but was unfortunately water damaged in a fire whilst in their possession. AP purchased the collection and donated it to the Philatelic Association of NSW in 1985. The collection has been remounted and updated by Cyril McColough and Richard Peck.

The collection volume currently includes both districts and does not provide an accurate solution possibly leading to some confusion. With the invaluable assistance of David Colyer I have managed to separate the postcodes for each district. This has been done but cut and copying the current collection into the separate areas. Whilst not ideal it does provide and interim solution as it is unlikely that the collection will be remounted in the near future.

Machine Cancels
DLO, Relief & TPO
NSW Slogans
Post Marking Machines
Post Office Routines
Postmark Types
Sydney Postal District 1
Sydney Postal District 2
Sydney Postal District 3
Sydney Postal District 4
Sydney Vols 2 & 3
Lismore & District
Albury & District
Bathurst & District
Parkes & District
Goulburn & Disctrict
Newscastle & District
West Maitland & District
Canberra & District
Kempsey & District
Gunnedah & District

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