New Zealand Issue Stamps - Private Collection

The following are two private collections, not of exhibition quality, but are a combination of three different collections which is reflected by the material displayed over the various years covered. Care has been taken to identify various perforations, colour variation and flaws, but  expert knowledge may not always agree with the information contained on these pages. In putting together these collections references have been included that provides some background information on the various issues and as far as possible acknowledgment has been made of the sources of the information included

NZ Commemoratives Volume 1 1906-1937
NZ Commemoratives Volume 2 1937-1953
NZ Commemoratives Volume 3 1957-1967
NZ Commemoratives Volume 4 1967-1971
NZ Health Volume 1 Part 1 1929-1945
NZ Health Volume 1 Part 2 1945-1953
NZ Health Volume 2 Part 1 1953-1966
NZ Health Volume 2 Part 2 1953-1966
NZ Health Volume 3 1967-1970

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