President’s Update # 7

Hi all,

BrucePHILAS is making steady progress despite ongoing challenges. We're still awaiting a response from the Parramatta Council on our Egerton Street premises' development application (DA), originally due around May 9. Due to a backlog, the decision has been delayed by 2-3 weeks with no set date provided.

The transition from an incorporation to a company has proven more complex than expected. We’ve engaged Governology to assist, and completion is now likely by the end of June. Until then, PHILAS remains under the leadership of the committee elected in December 2023, with the new board from the April 6 SGM meeting for the first time post-transition.

Auction 143's catalogue is complete and is available on the PHILAS website today. Printed copies have been mailed out. The auction offers a diverse range of material, and diligent viewing of the box lots is sure to reward.

Our current building has had issues with waterproofing, causing concern during rain squalls due to the auction material inside. We have secured enough tables to keep everything off the floor, and leaks tend to occur along the walls rather than the roof. Repairs are a priority.

Special thanks to Mike Nibbs and his team for their significant efforts in organising Auction 143. We welcome more volunteers at Silverwater to assist with this and future auctions. If you’ve been involved before and wish to help, please contact PHILAS.

PHILAS continues to receive numerous inquiries from regular vendors, retiring collectors, and estate handlers seeking to sell collections. This ensures we can provide quality service to both sellers and buyers.

The Parramatta Club’s Open Day was well-supported by local dealers. PHILAS provided additional tables, ensuring adequate space for both dealers and auction lots. There was a varied range of material available, and I found several items to add to my collection.

I recently spoke with members of the Piallaway and Tamworth clubs. They were engaged and understood the need for increased involvement despite the distance. It was encouraging to see Tamworth President Mick Evans at PHILAS the following Saturday, assisting with auction preparations.
PS compliments on the quality of your supper and on the proactive way the clubs supported one of their members dealing with breaking up a deceased estate.

Finally, for those considering exhibiting, remember it’s not just for the wealthy. You can’t buy a Gold medal. Several opportunities are coming up this year. Established exhibitors can participate in the Canberra Stamp Show in September, with details on the PHILAS and Canberra Stamp Show websites.

For those new to higher-level exhibiting, the Toowoomba 2024 National One-Frame Stamp Exhibition on October 12-13 is an ideal venue. If you need assistance with your exhibit, contact PHILAS ( to connect with experienced exhibitors willing to help.

Stay safe and keep on collecting.

Bruce Chadderton