About The Philatelic Association of NSW

Philas is a non-profit Australian philatelic organisation dedicated to promoting stamp collecting, supporting youth philately, advancing collector skills, and aiding affiliated stamp clubs in NSW.

Philas House has now moved to Silverwater. The building is currently being renovated the library is currently unavailable.

Philas Executive Committee – February 2024

The Philas Executive underwent a minor revamp in December 2023 following the resignations of both Brian Moore (President) and Gordon Towell (Secretary) due to work pressures. Bruce Chadderton has stepped up as Acting President with a view to leading Philas through to April's SGM, whilst Sarah Harvey has agreed to a secondment into the Secretary's role for the same period.

Note: if someone would like to take on the Secretary's role for the longer term the Executive would like to hear from you.

(Acting)  President - Bruce Chadderton 

Vice-President Country - Bruce Chadderton 

Vice-President Philatelic Development Council - Sarah Harvey

Vice-President House Committee - Dee Collins

Vice-President Library Committee - Geoff Kellow

Secretary - Sarah Harvey

Treasurer - Peter Brigden


Michael Hirschhorn, Billy Lau, Guy Littler, Michael McHugh, Michael Nibbs and Chris Van Der Kley

Philatelic Development Council

Yung Benson, Mark Bailey, Dee Collins, Geoffrey Lewis, Paul Storm, and Andrew Tham

House Committee

Mary Bowden, Sarah Harvey, Michael Nibbs, and Alan Wright

The Primary Aims of Philas are:  

  • To generally promote the hobby
  • To encourage prospective and new stamp collectors
  • To support and encourage Youth philately
  • To create opportunities for existing stamp collectors to advance their skills and
  • To provide support for the affiliated clubs and societies.


Before Philas House

Philatelists in New South Wales had long dreamed of forming an Association and establishing a central philatelic headquarters – a home for philately – in the State. After the highly successful ANPEX 70 exhibition was held in Sydney, the meeting that founded the Philatelic Association of New South Wales (PHILAS) was held on Commonwealth Day (which was once Empire Day), 24th May 1971, and a Constitution was approved. Executives from the Exhibition Organizing Committee administered PHILAS until the first Annual General Meeting was held in August 1971, when delegates from NSW Philatelic Societies and Stamp Clubs stood for democratic election.

The new executives were homeless, had a sound Constitution, a few assets in the form of display frames stored in private homes, and about $25,000 in the bank – the profits from ANPEX 70.

Purchase of Philas House

The first foray into the market for a home, in Darley Street, Darlinghurst, was fruitless, because of difficulties with the development of the site. This was sold, and the hunt was on again. Thanks to the campaign, Buy a brick for Philas House, enough money was raised to put a deposit on the former Commonwealth Police Headquarters at 17-19 Brisbane Street, Darlinghurst, in 1977.

This was a joint purchase of the building, with the NSW Golf Association and the Ladies Golf Union. The building was Strata Titled, with PHILAS having the Ground and First Floors and the loading dock. The Ground Floor was fitted out for a Library, work areas, and office space. The First Floor was set up as a meeting room, with double-strength lighting, wall display frames, and tables and chairs. The Ground Floor Library area and the First Floor were carpeted, and both floors were air-conditioned.

Inquiries can be sent to PO Box 6046 Silverwater NSW Australia 2128.