Library Holdings

Our library spans generations of historic and cultural worth.

The Library contains a wide range of materials:


  • These are located in the main room at the right of the entrance vestibule. On the low shelves at the left hand end are general works on philately and stamp collecting. These are followed by works on maritime mails and Aerophilately.
  • The next section is Australia. This starts with the Australian States and moves on to books about the Australian Commonwealth. Topics include: stamps, postal history including postal markings, postal stationery, franking machines, Cinderella and revenue issues.
  • Books covering the rest of the world are next. The first groups are British Commonwealth in general and the United Kingdom. Books for other countries are shelved in alphabetical order by country name.

Journals, Magazines, Stamp Newspaper

  • This group is broadly termed serials and there are three separate collections arranged in alphabetical order by title. Most of the titles are donated, although there are some extensive runs.
  • The contents of the journal collection(s) can be assessed by a file box on the librarian’s desk. Please allow the librarian to check the file for you.

Australian Journals

  • These are located on the far left hand wall on the main library room. There is a continuation of this collection on the wall at the opposite end of the library. The collection contains a wide range of titles of journals published in Australia or published by overseas societies working in Australian philately.

World Journals

  • These start in the brick red compactus unit in the open area in front of the entrance vestibule. It too is arranged in alphabetical title order.

Pacific Journals

  • This collection contains journals from New Zealand and journals about Pacific Island philately. Like the other journal collections, it is arranged in alphabetical order by title. It is located on a biscuit coloured compactus unit behind the vestibule and to the left of the Society Library cabinets. This collection also contains general works on Pacific Islands.

Auction Catalogues

  • This collection is located in a double width, double height compactus unit across from the Pacific Journals. The collection is in alphabetical order by name of Auction House. This is one of the few collections of such material available to serious philatelists. It covers the world but is strong in Australian and New Zealand Auction Houses.

Priced Stamp Catalogues

  • Current priced catalogues are used by Philas Auction staff on the ground floor and are not available for perusal by the general public.
  • The priced stamp catalogue collection is located at the far end of the area housing the Pacific Journals and the Auction catalogue collection. In most cases it is double shelved.
  • The collection includes runs of the major international catalogue producers including: Stanley Gibbons (GB), Scott (USA), Yvert et Tellier (Fr), Zumstein (CH), Michel (D). There is a separate section for catalogues for other countries that is arranged in alphabetical order by country name.