Special Collections

Unique pieces brought together through the private and public philately community.

Display Collections & Catalogues

‚ÄčIn addition and expanding on the above, Philas House has, over the years, been the fortunate recipient of a number of collections donated by members or their families and Philas has also purchased some significant collections itself from Auction offerings.

In the Philas Collections link there is a list of collections that may be available for borrowing by Clubs for their meetings or where collections and resources may be too valuable, they may be viewed under supervision at Philas House.

It is well worth while checking these resources and collections both for possible display at Club Meetings or as a reference resources for individual collectors.

In addition to the collections and resources noted above there is also another resource which can be found under the Penrith Philatelic Society and that is a collection of Bulletins that were produced by a former President, Uwe Kruger, that contain a wealth of information on Australian Stamp issues but also includes a wide variety of topics including rare postmarks, forgeries, Cinderellas and faults from a variety of countries.