Collection of German Seals (Siegelvignetten) - Private Collection

Some auction Catalogues call them siegeloblaten (wafer seals).  The mid-Victorian paper ones in England used to be called "wafer" seals because their use immediately followed that of 5-10mm adhesive "wafers" of paste (to be wetted) or wax (to be heated) in the early nineteenth century.  These were put between the layers of a closed entire letter & wetted, or heated with an iron.  I suggest that these larger, later German seals should simply be called what they are – adhesive paper seals, plus suitable adjectives to describe them – official (often called Siegelvignetten), commercial, personal, topographical etc.

Additional material on German Seals is also available from the German Seals Study Group of UK newsletters from 2003 to 2008 which are not included in the links below but which can be made available on request

Collection of German Seals (Siegalvignetten)
Imperial Seals
Armed Forces 1-30
Armed Forces 31-42 & Battleships
German Municipalities 1-20
German Municipalities 21-41
Prussian Administration 1-20
Prussian Administration 21-40
Prussian Administration 41-60
Prussian Administration 81-95
Prussian Administration 61-80
Silesia 1-20
Silesia 21-

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