Don Cox Eiffel Tower Collection

The original collection was displayed as a series of postcards only showing various facets of the Eiffel Tower. This original collection was then remounted by Frank Whitfield who endeavoured to display not only the images of the Tower but also the messages contained on those postcards. The remounted material together with the messages provides a further, sometimes humourous, dimension to this collection.

The second part of the Donald Cox Eiffel Tower Collection features a wide variety of philatelic items and Cinderellas. It is a conglomerate of material which is in many cases only loosely connected to the Tower or to its designer and builder, Gustave Eiffel. As a consequence, in addition to material featuring impressions of the Tower, there are some 25 items showing the Statue of Liberty and a smaller number showing the Maria Pia Bridge and the Garabit Viaduct, structures either built or designed by Eiffel. Frank B Whitfield

Impression from the Tower
Messages from the Tower 1
Messages from the Tower 2

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