Revenue Stamps of the Austro-Hunarian Empire & the Austrian and Hungarian Republics - Private Collection

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was in existence for just more than 50 years. Internal struggles and expansionist ambitions led in part to the start of World War I, which ended in the Empire's defeat and ultimate dissolution. The Hapsburg dynasty had given way to the Austrian Empire, in 1804. Military defeats at the hands of Napoleon's Grand Armee began a decline from which the Austrian Empire never really recovered and the Empire devolved into a partnership with neighbouring Hungary that in 1867 became the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

There are two sections to this collection. The first and larger collection is revenue stamps of the Empire and Austrian Republic. The second section is of the Empire and the Hungarian Republic. It should be noted that the earlier issues were in fact printed on the official document and it was necessary to purchase the document with the revenue stamp already printed on it, whereas the later revenues were adhesive stamps. The collection starts with the revenue stamps of the Austro-Hungarian empire but the later pages are the revenue stamps of the Austrian and Hungarian Republics.

Austria - Revenue Stamps Catalogue
Austria - Pages 1-6
Austria - Pages 7-12
Austria - Pages 13-19
Austria - Pages 20-26
Austria - Pages 27-34
Austria - Pages 35-42
Austria - Pages 43-51
Austria - Pages 52-63
Hungary - Maps & Pages 1-17
Hungary - Pages 18-34

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