Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia

About Us

The Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia (CSCA) was formed in 1984, and currently has about 80 members throughout Australia and New Zealand, and around the world.

Members' interests include Cinderellas of Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

The Club produces a journal: Cinderellas Australasia and a number of monographs - a list is available from the Secretary. Sample Journal


The Club also conducts one postal auction each year of Cinderella material.

2024 Cinderella Club Postal Sale

Postal Sale Number 16 - April 30th 2024 

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Meeting Place

The Cinderella Stamp Club holds meetings at national stamp exhibitions.



Revenue & Railway Stamps of Australia 

Membership Fees

Subscriptions: $25.00 per annum

Contact Information

Postal Address:
Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia
PO Box 889
Chatswood NSW  2057

Wilson Ilberry: 0435 300 974

Paul Storm: 02 9419 7354

Journal editor:  Vito Milana.